Some apps, tools, and products that I frequently use.




  • Men styling and clothing subscription box: Stately

Privacy notes

Privacy settings

  • Delete Android’s Advertising ID: I use an Android phone.
  • Adjust Google Chrome privacy settings for work related things, for personal I altogether bypass Chrome and use DuckDuckGo app and web browser.
  • Adjust Google Account settings
  • Enable DuckDuckGo’s beta features (Android) to block app trackers
  • Use DuckDuckGo’s Android beta feature to create an email alias that removes email trackers
  • Opt out of any ad personalization and tracking you can on other accounts such as Facebook/Instagram or LinkedIn

Transitioning from Chrome to DuckDuckGo browsers

  • DuckDuckGo doesn’t save search history. I often used Chrome’s search bar to find things in my recent history — no longer possible. Bookmark more sites to make sure it’s easy to find later (DuckDuckGo does serve options from the bookmark when typing in the search bar).

Security notes

  • Use 1Password for all passwords (work and personal) and browser autofill
  • Generate unique passwords for each account
  • Enable 2FA on all accounts that support it (I love that 1Password auto-fills 2FA codes as well)
  • Keep a safe backup codes storage

Last Updated on March 12, 2023 by Omar Eduardo