Job rejection

This is a reflection from November 2009 after receiving my first job rejection.

When I was young, I typed the password success to unlock my computer. I typed it as I prepared to do some work or just browse the internet. Now, ten years later, I am contemplating the meaning of the word success.

As a graduating college student, I started the academic year in September and focused on finding a job. It has been a humbling process, I submitted my resume to fourteen positions in eight different companies. I only got invited to interview with two companies. I then had eight interviews in total across the two companies.

This past week I heard back from one of those two companies. “We just made our final decisions and unfortunately have decided to not continue along with you in this process.”

So there was a rejection.  At first, I was just numb. Then it started to sink in. It is so difficult to accept defeat. At the same time, I think of the thousands of people who have lost their jobs recently, many with families to sustain.

On a personal level, I am happy. I take some comfort in having made it to the final round of interviews with both of the companies that offered me an interview.  Although it is discouraging to not get the job, I understand that there are other qualified applicants, and I am sure that the people who got the job offer were a very good fit for the position.

I am now waiting to hear back from my other final round interview and getting ready to apply to other job opportunities.  I can only hope to have convinced the right people to invest in me and allow me to start my career with them.

At the end of the day, however, it is up to me to define success and failure. how I define success is a very personal matter, and so is how I define failure. I don’t feel like I have failed. While I’m disappointed and my goal is getting a job offer, getting there requires not only skill and preparation but also luck.

At night, when the world goes to sleep, I lie awake in bed watching my thoughts. It is then that I realize, I succeed every day in one way or another. Each day brings little challenges that make me stronger, better learned, and wiser. These challenges make it possible for me to face bigger things in the future. 

I can appreciate the blessings I receive, and that matters more than anything else.  So, am I succeeding?  I certainly think so, every single day.

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2 responses to “Success”

  1. Meru Avatar

    Dear Omar-sanへ You continue to impress me with your wisdom the more I get to know you. For one so young (and yes, I will always be older than you so I can call you a youngin' :P) and to have this insight and vision is quite the gift. You already have obtained a level of success in life that many could only hope to achieve, and I am very certain the right opportunity will come along in due time. ありがとう! for sharing your thoughts and keep working hard. 愛瑠

    1. Omar Eduardo Avatar

      Thank you so much, Meru-san. I’ve learned a lot from you, actually. This past summer in Japan really helped me grow older and, I think, wiser. 🙂 コメントありがとうね。また話そう。御真阿留

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