Turn off the TV and watch your thoughts

Take a moment, and observe what is going on through your mind.  Don’t judge your thoughts, don’t try to change them, simply observe them.  See what gives rises to certain negative thoughts, think about the source of these thoughts.  Why do you have this negative reaction?  Is it necessary?  Is it saving you from trouble?

Now think about the positive reactions you have.  Observe them.  Be aware.  Then try to figure out why you have these positive reactions, and think if they are good for you.

The world is constantly teaching us what we should feel good about, bad about, neutral, etc.  We are taught that we should let our heart guide us, but aren’t our feelings most of the time a reflection of what we have learned?  As such, aren’t they simply a reflection of our thoughts?

Our feelings and emotions would not be simply a reflection of our thoughts if we were able to truly tap into the source of our happiness.  If instead of doing some ‘shopping therapy’ or go partying and drinking to forget our problems we would take some time to think about what truly is important for us.  Is losing your job really going to ruin your life?  Are the material possessions you are about to lose going to make you happy if you didn’t lose them?  Really think about it.  Or are they just creating another level of complexity in your life.

It is often said that most people need to hit rock bottom before they can turn around and shift the way they think about things.  I invite you to question the way you act, think, and feel, before you hit rock bottom.  I do not think it’s good, or necessary, for you to be in a state of desperation before you can change your view of the world and allow yourself to clear up your mind and enter a new state of mind.

There is always something going on in the back of your head, be aware of it, and use that as a way to improve yourself.  Whatever it is that you are thinking, reflect on it.  Meditate on it.  You will grow wiser and stronger, and that is something that no one will take away from you, unlike your material possessions.

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