Being Present

Over the past few days I have been re-reading a book I bought about a year or two ago.  The book is Everyday Zen: Love and Work (Plus).  When I first read the book I remember that my impression was that it was an easy-to-read book with light content about Zen, meditating, and grounding ourselves.  Now that I’m re-reading, I feel that I’m learning more.  I still consider the book to be relatively easy-to-read, but I do believe that the points made in the book are quite profound, and you may say complex.

The general theme surrounding the discussion in the book is about  living in the present and appreciating it.  We spent a great deal of time, most of our lives, simply thinking about the past and imagining the future.  Those are our main drivers.  We even interact with people while thinking in our heads “what should I say next?”, “I need to go do stuff, I don’t have time to talk to you”, etc.  We seem to be so lost in our thoughts that we don’t take the time to simply feel what is around us now, and enjoy the present moment.  As such, all of our interactions are superficial at best.

Another point made is about our expectations.  We constantly seek something different, without stopping to realize that we have nothing other than the present, and the present is ‘perfect’ just as it is.  If we simply learn to appreciate the wonders of life, and learn to be compassionate with everyone and everything around us, we would be able to realize that life as it is now is just perfect.  Things change inevitably, but if we are grounded in the present, and not fantasizing about a different future or about the past, you’d be at ease most of the time.  There would be something peaceful about each moment.

I am just jotting down my thoughts here, and this is by no means expected to be an introduction to anything.  But I simply wanted to share these thoughts, since I have found them to be very intriguing.  I find them to be very logical to an extent, because anyone can realize that our usual ways of seeking pleasure and happiness tend to be temporary and superficial, and then bring us back to the reality of our daily lives, and we tend to feel disappointment far more often than we should.  When we learn to appreciate the little things in life, everything that is happening NOW, maybe then we can be in harmony with the present.

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