I first traveled to Spain in September 2014 as part of a group trip with a few friends. According to my records, I went to Tarifa, Córdoba and Seville. Though right now (9 years later) I’m having a hard time remembering much of the trip!

I then went to Barcelona and I absolutely loved the city. The Gaudí architecture, the delicious food, walking up and down the large sidewalks, friendly people.

As part of another European trip I stopped for a few days in San Sebastián and had an unreal, lovely experience there. Best food I had in my life, met very nice travelers, and all-in-all loved my time there.

In February 2023 I went back to the south of Spain, this time to spend some time in Granada, before heading over to a wedding in Marbella. I loved Granada. The Alhambra was impressive and it was nice to learn about the influence of the Arabs in Spain. I learned a lot more about the history, I didn’t know that the Arabs had taken over Spain for over 700 years, with Spain being under Muslim rule starting in the year 711 and ending when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella took back Granada in 1492, after years of having Granada under siege.


Based on my Granada visit in February 2023.

Attractions: the highlight was definitely walking through The Alhambra and appreciating the architecture, showcasing the Arabic historical presence in Granada.

Walking tour: The walking tour by My Top Tour was super fun and informative, one of the best tours I’ve done. It’s often referred to as a free walking tour, but in reality you are expected pay. They tell you at the beginning of the tour to just pay what you wish at the end of the tour based on how much you enjoyed it.

Food: all was delicious, but we had a particularly lovely and memorable dinner at Pimienta Rosa thanks to the funny and lovely waitress Nadia and attentive waiter Albert.


Last visited Barcelona in July 2023 and, as part of that, compiled a Google Maps list of Barcelona recommendations.

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