Learning resources for new product managers

A reader asked for learning resources I found useful when starting as a product manager without a computer science background. Below is a list of learning resources that I found helpful and rewarding as a new product manager. Most of the online resources are free.

General Management



Technical knowledge

  • [online course] Dash: General Assembly. this interactive online course helped me understand quickly how to bring together HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript.
  • [book] JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual*. this book was fundamental to get me more comfortable with JavaScript & jQuery.
  • [online course] CodeCademy web development courses HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I also learned some Python.
  • [online course] Harvard CS50 on EdX. I completed roughly half of the course and nothing has been more helpful for me to understand the fundamentals of Computer Science. The course is taught on C and although time intensive it was rewarding.
  • [book] The Datacenter as a Computer [free pdf]: on understanding infrastructure components.

Entrepreneurship & Product Strategy

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