As a kid, I had a computer with a password I won’t forget, “success”.  I remember typing it every time I was going to do work, or just browse the internet.  Now, almost 10 years after I first typed this password, here I am contemplating the meaning of the word.

This year has been one of much reflection for me, and it will continue to be so.  I started the academic year back in September, and as a graduating senior it has been quite an interesting year.  The job hunting process has been quite humbling, I submitted my resumé to 14 positions in 8 different companies and got back 2 interview offers.  Those two interview offers resulted in a total of eight interviews, 2 rounds of 2 interviews with one company and 3 rounds with a total of 4 interviewers in the other. After all these interviews, it was up to them to decide if they would extend a job offer.

This past week I got my first response, it was a voicemail since I couldn’t pick up my phone during class, and there it went “…we just made our final decisions and unfortunately have decided to not continue along with you in this process.”

So there was a rejection, so close to the goal.  At first I was just numb, didn’t quite have a reaction.  Then it started to sink in and I realized just how difficult it was to accept defeat, yet at the same time I could only think of the thousands of people who have lost their jobs after having been working for many years, those who already have families that depend on them…

At the personal level, I am happy.  Looking back to the process I’ve gone through, it was quite an achievement to make it to the final round with both of the companies who offered me an interview, so I take some comfort in that.  Although it is still discouraging to hear that I was not considered best fit for the job, I eventually swallowed my pride.  There are many very qualified applicants out there, and I am sure that the people who got the job offer were very well fit for the position.

I am now waiting to hear back from my other final round interview, and getting ready to apply to other job opportunities.  I think this process of applying to jobs is a very interesting one, you keep promoting yourself over and over to people, and then just hope that you can convince the right people to allow you to start a career with them, and invest some money on you.

At the end of the day, however, how do you define success is a very personal matter, and so is failure.  So far in the game, I don’t feel like I have failed, but I am still debating if I can call my achievements so far ‘success’.  I am still stuck in the way of thinking that getting that job offer is the measure of my success during this process, but that doesn’t quite fit with my views since it always requires just a tad of luck to also get the job.

At night, when the world goes to sleep and I lie awake on my bed taking a look at my thoughts as they flow through my mind I realize… I succeed every day one way or the other. The little challenges that each day bring make me a stronger person, a more educated one and someone even more ready to face the difficulties that life presents us.  At the same time, I become someone who can appreciate the blessings I receive, and that is something that matters more to me than anything else.  So… am I succeeding?  I certainly think so, every single day.

Last Updated on August 13, 2020 by Omar Eduardo

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  1. Dear Omar-sanへ You continue to impress me with your wisdom the more I get to know you. For one so young (and yes, I will always be older than you so I can call you a youngin' :P) and to have this insight and vision is quite the gift. You already have obtained a level of success in life that many could only hope to achieve, and I am very certain the right opportunity will come along in due time. ありがとう! for sharing your thoughts and keep working hard. 愛瑠

    1. Thank you so much, Meru-san. I’ve learned a lot from you, actually. This past summer in Japan really helped me grow older and, I think, wiser. 🙂 コメントありがとうね。また話そう。御真阿留

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