Spreading Goodness – The Happiness Network?

We live in a society that is obsessed with tragic, upsetting or dramatic news.  Gossip, drama of all sorts, these are the things that drive most of the TV networks and sell the most newspapers and magazines.  But, when do we get our drop of happiness and goodness?  When do we nourish our soul?  If we were to focus only on what our current media shows, and what most people decide to spend their days talking about, we would think that the world is a very, very messed up place.  That there is little or no happiness in this world, and that those who ARE happy are a very selected few part of some sort of secret society that hands out to them a secret happiness drink every now and then.

But are the news representative of our world? Why is it that we are bombarded with news of all the things going wrong, and we hear very little of the good things?  Why is it that when we hear of something good, it’s portrayed as if it’s the only good thing that happened in the world?  What drives us to spend so much time learning why we should, and how we should, be unhappy?

I suggest we shift our attention into something more productive.  I propose that we stop talking about the things that make us unhappy, and start being grateful for what we have.  We should, as a society, encourage people to think about the things they are happy about, and about solutions for the things that are not perfect.

This is not something you should do for your own good, you should do this for the sake of everyone’s happiness.  Any basic research in social networks will tell you that, quite literally, happiness is contagious.  Similarly, lack of happiness is also quickly spread.  The more we see people around us complain and be unhappy with life, and the more we pay attention to that, the more we end up doing the same ourselves.

The good news in all this is, we all have an option, and we all have a HUGE opportunity to influence others.  When you choose to smile and be grateful for what you have, someone near you will be learning a lesson, a much needed one in our world.

Spread goodness throughout the world by offering a smile, by being grateful for the blessings you have.  Close your eyes and think about the experiences you have had in your life, and realize that, no matter what happens, you will always hold the key to your own happiness.  “Happiness is an inside job,”  I have often heard.   This couldn’t be said any better.  Once you find comfort in this, and allow yourself to be happy, you will be able to go around and spread this happiness to others.  Just by doing this, you will be doing society a good that is worthy of praise.

The impact a single person has in the rest of society is often ignored, but it is quite important.  If you choose to be excellent at one thing in life, choose to be excellent in spreading happiness by being happy and expressing this feeling.  You will do you, your family, and the rest of us in society happier.  You will be contributing your dose of goodness to the world.

I wonder how much much happier we would be as a society if our main TV networks and magazines would be filled with happy news, those of the people who are helping others incessantly and making the world better.  News about the things that are going right in this world.  Let’s start this, let’s have a happy news network.  What do you think?

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