Making a Difference in Society

Do you want to make a great impact in society?  Shake things up in a way that everyone can talk about and admire?  Sort of like Mother Teresa, or Oprah?  (Side note: Why do I keep mentioning Oprah?  I need to chill on the Oprah love.)  The point is, many of us want to be one of the people who make a great impact in society, you know, someone with lots of INFLUENCE?

I have good news for you.  You can be one of the people who make a big impact in society by doing the right things, counseling the right people, or simply being who you are.  It requires awareness and good intentions… you need to realize that every little action you take, escalates and affects many more people than you believe.  In fact, you are affecting (or influencing) many people daily in a good or bad way just by living your day, even if you don’t notice how big of an effect your behavior has in others.

Little things matter!

I remember a news article I read my freshman year in college, winter 2006, about a female customer at Starbucks’ drive-through who decided to wish happy holidays to the next customer by paying for his/her coffee.  It was a simple gesture that escalated into more than 3 hours (reaching over 140 customers) of people making the same gesture for someone else.  You can call it the Christmas spirit, but just see it as a manifestation of how much reach a simple, individual action can have.  Did you watch the movie “Pay it Forward?”  Imagine if that were applied to the real world.

Why am I telling you this?  The reason I want to communicate this is because for far too long I have been hearing people talking about how much they wished they could make a difference in the world.  We all want to be that individual hero that everyone goes to or recognizes.  But the truth is, we are ALL influencing hundreds, if not thousands of people by each small action we take.

Think about what you’ve done so far in your day.  Each smile you may have given to someone else this morning most likely translated into a few extra smiles, which in turn caused many more.  Even if your smile didn’t translate into a thousand smiles, it most likely caused a reaction in someone and lightened their day, or at least made them evaluate how they were going through their days.  Small gestures such as these may not be overlooked.  We need to think of the power that these little gestures have, and work so that more and more people join in the fun of giving smiles to others.

There is so much potential for improvement in our daily lives by just taking small steps.  Make an effort to improve someone else’s life each day, if we all do this, the world will soon become a better place to live in.

“The features of our face are hardly more than gestures which have become permanent”
Marcel Proust

Make your face features pleasant to the world by continuously smiling, and you will be positively impacting society in a far greater way than you can imagine.

Try a little exercise.  Count the number of smiles you give and receive in a day.  Then try to double the number of smiles you give each week (and make sure they are more than the ones you receive).  See how your life changes, and then  come back and share your experience.

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