Embracing Transitions and Working Towards Our Dreams

“We change, whether we like it or not”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

When was the last time you resisted change?  We are naturally inclined to want to stay safe, stay with what we know, however, this is not sustainable.  Everything around us, and within us, is in constant motion, no one would know that time is going by if things were not changing, and as little things around us change, so do we and those around us.  Our whole life is meant to change, piece by piece, as we keep living, and all we can do is to accept that and make sure that we are doing the most with our lives so that, at the end of the day, we can be happy with how our life has changed.

Resisting change is futile, but that doesn’t mean that you should let things just happen to you. We are still the protagonists of our lives, and it is up to us to achieve our goals and the success we want.  What is the problem with most of us, lack of orientation, lack of a precise goal.  So define your goal, and pursue it.

Yesterday I came home after finishing my last undergraduate exam ever.  I was finally done with all the requirements to graduate from college, assuming I pass, and was free to do as I wish until I start working.  Or so I was thinking.  Then I kept thinking about what awaits me in the near future.  I’m flying to Japan for two weeks after getting my MIT degree, I’m then coming back and starting to work at a great company, and then what?  I realized that, although this all sounds fantastic, I still need to think about how I want my life to be and go after it.  These are all fantastic transitions in my life, but why just accept this changes and not make even greater changes that will allow me to fulfill all my dreams?

I went on to YouTube and watched two videos in a row, both from people whose YouTube videos I have been watching probably since sophomore year in college, almost three years now, and they both stroke me because of their content.  The first one was from a girl whom I’ve seen go from an excited teenager that learned Japanese on her own and wanted to go to Japan, to a woman who has been living in Japan for a while now and has launched her music career there by releasing her first music album.  Although you may get caught up thinking about what are the odds of that happening to anyone else, and start thinking that just a few lucky people who can achieve it, I think that the message is clear.  She had a goal, she went ahead and flew herself to Japan, and worked her way up to releasing an album that is now sold in major Japanese record stores.  I’m impressed.

The second YouTube video was from another guy who would also make videos about Japanese language and teaching Japanese.  He got recruited to work for a few companies as consultant/marketing guy/etc. and he always kept the dream of working for himself, starting his own thing.  The video I watched yesterday was his announcement that a website he had started that is basically a Japanese textbook for self-learners was now generating a decent enough income for it to become his full-time job.  Another great story of someone who had started just like me, a teenager pursuing a dream, and is now able to work for himself.

What did I get from all this?  We must ignore the odds, and simply work hard!  If you think about it, a big majority of the people that we hear about, the ones that fail at achieving their goals, were simply not determined enough. They were doubting themselves as they went through the days.  The people who work hard, and keep trying and keep trying, will sooner or later succeed.  And the most important thing is that, when we finally succeed we can look back and see that all along we were working on what we were passionate about, and could therefore enjoy every day of our lives.

Now I invite you to find that passion of yours, that something that you have always been wanting to pursue but haven’t because of self-doubting, and start DOING something to make it concrete, make it happen.  Work on it after hours, work on it before you go to work, work on it during the weekends, but never stop working on it, because one day you may just be able to drop all the things you do now because ‘you have to’ and you will be able to dedicate your life to achieving that passion of yours.

Cheers to us.  May we achieve all we are truly passionate about.

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