Don’t let others define success for you

One of the biggest mistakes we normally do is to allow others to define what we think of as success.  As such, we go through our days blindly trying to obtain the next big thing, the next big thing… but what is the next big thing?  Today, we want to get an A in an exam.  Tomorrow, we want to get into the best graduate school.  After, we want the best job.  Then we want the best house.  etc. etc.

If we follow the crowd and let others define what success means to us, we will never be happy with our lives.  There will always be something else to achieve, but that something will carry no actual meaning to you.  As such, when you finally obtain it, you are left empty, just like you started.  You may feel a rush of happiness for a few seconds, but it’s all temporary and not substantial.

When we define success for ourselves, we choose what is important to us, and we work towards achieving that.  As such, not only the goal is something we are excited and passionate about, but the journey to get there becomes an adventure.  We learn to be excited about every day.

As such, I invite you to define success for yourself.  Write down in a piece of paper your idea of success.  Use 1 or 10 sheets of papers depending on how inspired you feel, but make sure you are writing from the bottom of your heart.  Think about what is important.  Will it really make you happy to own that car, or do you just want others to be jealous of your nice car?  Study your true intentions, your emotions.

Once you have defined your idea of success, commit yourself to doing all the great things you can do to achieve it.  Convince yourself that you can achieve great things, and that there is no reason why you should not.  Taking these two steps, defining and committing to your goals, will give you a sense of purpose that will translate into daily happiness.  It will allow you to always re-evaluate an uncomfortable situation by asking yourself: “Does this fit into my idea of success?  Is it contributing to my life journey?  If yes, how so and how can I improve this?  If no, why am I dealing with it and how can I move on? “

Best of luck with everything, keep it honest to yourself, but keep it positive.  Always keep it positive.  The best way you can do that?  Be grateful for what you have, cause I can assure you that if you have been able to simply read these words, you have plenty of things to be grateful about.  Don’t ever stop being grateful for all the things we tend to take for granted.


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  1. <3 オマール君♪ thank you for reminding me of how wonderful life is! ^^ After seeing you these last few days, I feel renewed and ready to take on the last few months of my first year of med school. YOU are a blessing in my life— and I cannot thank you enough for that. オマール君に出会えて本当に良かった! じゃーね、またね!愛瑠

    1. メルちゃん!こちらこそね!I had a wonderful time with you this past week as well. It was great to simply get together and enjoy the day to day. I hope to see you again soon. Keep doing great at med school, you have so many amazing things ahead of you, I’m excited for you! :)すぐまた会おうね。よろしく!御真阿留

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