Definiteness of Purpose

You may have heard of vision boards – put together pictures and imagery of what you want, and you’ll attract it to your life. Why does that seem to work? The reason that resonates with me, which is reinforced by Napoleon Hill’s teachings, is that a vision board helps you to clarify your goal.

Napoleon Hill said that the most crucial step to achieving your goals is ‘definiteness of purpose.’  You need to be able to concretely state what your idea of success is, and what you are going to be giving in return for it.  If you don’t do the work to define your goal crisply, you won’t see the opportunities on your path as you go through life. You will miss critical moments in which taking action would get you to your goal, just because you didn’t see the connection between the opportunity and your desired life.

A good friend told me a few days ago that she wasn’t sure what she wanted in life. It is essential to remain open to life and new things that come up, to be responsive to how we change and develop. But it’s also crucial to give life direction by committing to something we want to achieve.

What is your idea of success?

Figure out your priorities. Do you care more about making a lot of money, or is it more important to have a harmonious family life? How important are your body and health? How often do you want to see friends, pursue an activity of interest, travel? How much time do you plan to dedicate to your family?

It is essential to prioritize and figure out the right sequence of chasing your goals. If having a family is important to you, but you also want to be able to travel and spend on luxuries, you may have to first focus on your earnings and savings. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to give your family the time and attention that they deserve to chase higher earnings.

By getting crisp about what is important to you, and prioritizing your goals, it will be easier for you to focus on the right opportunities now.

What will you give to others in return for your success?

Will you donate to charity 10% of your income? Start a charity foundation? Teach? Inspire others to get on with their lives?

Think about good things you can do for society; it can be as simple as bringing joy to one person’s life each day.  The main thing to keep in mind is, we live in a society, and if we expect to receive good from society, we need to give back to the community as well.  Paying taxes won’t cut it, think about something you can voluntarily do to make the world a better place.   Life will be better for all of us that way.

What are the things in your life helping you on your path?

Sometimes success will only come after we have made significant changes in our lives, and many of these will involve great sacrifices. Now is the time to think about the things that are helping you, and those that hold you back. Are there activities or obligations that are inhibiting your growth? Who are the people helping you move forward? Cut out what is stopping your growth and double down on the things that are getting you closer to your goals.

I regularly ask myself this question. What am I doing that is not contributing to the ideal future I envision? Are there other things I should do instead? By reflecting on these questions, I’ve made some tough tradeoffs to prioritize what I know is better in the long run – and that is always the right thing to do.

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 by Omar Eduardo

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