Commit to following your passion.

I have been working for a consulting firm the past couple of months and my life has drastically changed from what it used to be.  I love the work I do, but I do have to make sacrifices to perform well at my job.  I work long hours, which doesn’t bother me, except that sometimes I wonder how much time am I willing to give to a company rather than building my own ‘thing’.  What is this ‘thing’ that I refer to, I am not certain, but I do strive to always work for things that I’m passionate about.

So far I have been happy with my work.  I like the people that I’m working with, I love the atmosphere I’m in and the fact that so many of my coworkers are committed to delivering the best work and as such motivate me to continue learning and growing.  I am happy to do this, and because of that I have no problem committing to my work and always doing things to my full potential.  But I can’t help but wonder, what could I be doing with all this time?  Are there other great things out there I should be working on?  Is there something I could do to use all my skills and energy and make a greater impact in society?  I’m not sure, but it is something that I will continue reflecting upon.

My grandfather passed away this morning after much suffering.  This reminds me of the transiency of life.  We are very alive just this minute, but when will our time on earth expire?  If my time were to expire, would I be proud of my life?

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  1. Solo te puedo decir que ese es precisamente el dilema del ser humano, decidir cuando es suficiente. Trabajamos y nos esforzamos por hacer el mejor trabajo posible para progresar y darle a nuestra familia lo mejor, sin embargo lo que de verdad ellos necesitan es algo sencillo… nuestro tiempo. No importa que tan exitoso seas en la vida si no compartes con tu familia, tus amistades y sobre todo con Dios. Busca un balance en tu vida, donde estes en paz contigo mismo y con lo que te rodea. Que Dios te bendiga y sabes que siempre cuentas conmigo.

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