The easiest way for us to achieve our goals and be successful is to collaborate effectively.  This phenomena can be observed everywhere we go.  College students who study in a group environment usually benefit from the cumulative knowledge of their peers, allowing them to come up with better and more innovative solutions to problems at a faster pace.  Furthermore, having the option to leverage other individuals allows us to specialize in a particular field knowing that when needed we can count on people with expertise outside of our field to offer their assistance.

The benefits of cooperation are not limited to knowledge sharing, but more importantly cooperation often gives individuals the boost needed for them to push through difficult times in their journey.  People that start a new exercise regime or start learning a new language are more likely to succeed if they have a group that shares and support their goal.  Overall, postivite and effective collaboration allows us to build a better world for everyone around us.

Having this in mind, I’ve always wondered how can we leverage people from all around the world to achieve our goals.  After all, when you dig deeper into society you realize that there are millions of people willing to help and support others.  Tapping into that huge network of people to help us by guiding us or simply encouraging us to achieve our dreams is a very powerful feat.

WeWoWe started from this concept — it is a place for people to encourage each other to continue working towards achieving their goals and dreams.  Although it is still in its early stages, WeWoWe’s target is to become a platform for everyone to track their progress towards achieving their goal, and share it with friends and family, or with the entire world.  This is something I am very passionate about, and hence will continue to work hard with my friends to make sure that WeWoWe develops into a platform everyone can use easily and leverage to achieve their goals.

Helping others achieve their dreams is something I am passionate about and I hope that with other people’s support and our collective energy, we will be able to use WeWoWe to achieve just that.

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