5 Things I have learned (and admire) from Lady Gaga

Has she gone crazy?  Oh no, that’s Lady Gaga, one of the fastest rising music artists in the world from this past year.  Who is Lady Gaga?  What does she do?  What is so special about her? Why does she wear such weird outfits?

Lady Gaga may at first come across as just another pop artist trying to rise to stardom using the “shock factor.”  In reality, though, there is much more to her , and that’s the reason I believe she will continue to be there even after many other artists rise and fall from stardom.

So, what is so special about Lady Gaga?

1)  Passion for what she does

Lady Gaga is one of the hardest working artists you can find in the pop industry right now, particularly among those who are at her level of popularity.  Even after her sudden rise as an international pop star, she has kept her head cool and continued doing things her way, not losing the drive and passion she has for her work.  She always sings live in her performances while simultaneously dancing somewhat challenging choreographies, which is something you can rarely find among pop stars these days.  Most of them can’t do either!

Her willingness to work hard and until perfection for her performances really comes through, and because of it fans are much much happier after seeing her perform.  Even when her vocals are not as amazing as they would have been had she danced less or pre-recorded the show, fans will be willing to support her more than any other artist because she truly opens her heart during performances.  Fans and non-fans alike respect her more because of her commitment.

2)  Continuously challenges herself to improve

Lady Gaga’s rise to stardom came with 4 of her singles rocking the charts, and as such we all knew that going forward it would be difficult for her to top her own performance.  A moment I loved was when she was asked if she was afraid that she might lose “it”, that shock factor, and lose her fans.  Her answer?  She answered that in her opinion Beyonce [Knowles] has been up doing herself every year and has done so well, so she is going to use that as an inspiration to continue topping her own performances.

The level to which that answer was amazing still dazzles me.  Here we have a pop star that is not afraid of challenging herself to keep improving her performances, and while doing so honestly appreciated someone else’s talent and performance!  With the surge of competition that has really taken over America and most of the world, there is much we can learn from Lady Gaga’s elegant answer.  Focus on improving yourself, not on diminishing others or hoping they fall, is a lesson we should all take from this.

3)  Not afraid of acknowledging those who deserve it

We are all tired of BS, and particularly when we see so many people standing in front of a podium giving thanks to certain people, but they do so in the least sincere way possible.  It’s almost as if someone else talked to them before accepting an award and told them: “Now, remember.  If you thank your parents, people will think you are a nice guy and will like you more,” and then the artist goes up and says: “… and, yeah, thanks for my parents.  You guys are great,”  and then move on.

But Lady Gaga always thanks her fans, and she can’t be stopped from doing it.  She thanks them every single time she has an opportunity, and not only when in the spotlight, she also does it through YouTube & Twitter, even recognizing great fan blogs she has come across (such as GagaDaily.)  It’s humbling to see her show this kind of connection with her fans.

She is also quite specific about thanking the gay community and she does so honestly.  How do we know?  Cause she does it over and over.  Not only in one award ceremony, but also during her interviews where she adds: “The turning point for me was the gay community.”  She also thanked the gay community during her acceptance of the MTV Video Music Awards in a way that may be a bit controversial, “bless God and bless the gays.”  Now that’s a good way to go cross-boundaries while being grateful and polite and keeping a speech concise.

4) Consistent, in a very strange way

Hard-working Lady Gaga is always coming out with some new fashion, makeup, or dance performance that is designed to shock us, and it usually does.  Or at least lets us wondering, what the hell was she thinking?  The great thing, however, is that throughout all these performances, you can always ‘feel’ Lady Gaga’s presence.  You can tell that it’s still the same ‘muse’ that is inspiring all of this.  This is probably a product of her heavy involvement in the creative process of her work.  She even wore clothing true to herself when meeting the Queen of England. (see image)

5) Doesn’t lose her image, but is flexible

Lastly, something I’ve admired about Lady Gaga is how good she is at staying true to her image, but at the same time she is smart enough to be able to associate with a variety of people and not make it awkward.  She has risen to stardom because of her crazy style, but is able to pull it all together and be very real during interviews with TV personalities such as Oprah.  She is also able to express herself well, and is very genuine.

Because of these 5 things, and many more I may have looked over for now, Lady Gaga has had a very interesting career and a very fruitful one.  She has been able to wow her fans even after releasing a second album radically different from her first one, and I’m confident that she will continue to do so.  Hard-working as she is, there is nothing she won’t be able to achieve.

We can all learn from people like her, even if our paths are completely different from hers.  Passion for what you do and for improving yourself, gratefulness and sincerity, and staying true to yourself are things that no matter what you pursue will help you succeed.

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