I traveled to Morocco first in December 2016 to January 2017. During that trip I visited Marrakesh and Chefchaouen, and stayed overnight at Casablanca and the Zagora desert.

In March 2013 I visited for the second time as part of a trip to Portugal and the south of Spain. This time I focused on Fez and Tangier during my time in Morocco.

After these two visits I’d highly recommend Chefchouen and Fez, and waking up in the Zagora desert.


Based on my visit in March 2013.

Highlight: Once-in-a-lifetime carving experience – Moroccan Sculpture Art Experience

  • Wonderful host, Mohamed, made you feel welcome like family.
  • Great way to bring home a unique piece from Morocco.

Stay: Riad Le Moucharabieh (see on Google Maps)

  • Vivacious and friendly French lady bought this Riad in 2019, remodeled it for 3 years and finally started operating it in 2022.
  • Beautiful, big rooms.


  • Chez Rachid: delicious food, good prices, and friendly staff. Good to sit out front and people watch.
  • Mom’s Touch: really enjoyed my chicken tajine and the staff was very friendly.
  • Rujia Chinese Restaurant: this was an excellent Szechuan Chinese food restaurant! Very friendly staff.


  • A lot of very friendly and honest people.
  • Merchants will sometimes ask us to see things in their stores, and they would eagerly show us merchandise, but if we didn’t buy anything they remained friendly and wished us well.


Based on my visit in March 2013.

Some quick reflections:

  1. Like all Morocco, so many cats.
  2. Good seafood, had delicious mixed fish skewers on day 1.
  3. Woke up on day 2 to seagull sounds, birds singing, and plenty of cats going from roof to roof.
  4. People here are a bit more aggressive at asking for money or wanting to “show you something”. Reminds me more of Marrakesh in that regard. Fez was more peaceful.

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