Sunday at the Castle

June 7, 2009 – 9:30 pm

Today I woke up and first thing I did, yes, I went to the internet café and checked my e-mail, bank accounts, etc. I then proceeded to buy an onigiri (rice ball) and then headed out to my first day of adventures in Osaka. I met a friend of a friend, and he took me to a few places around!

First we went to this place to have lunch, and I’m such a horrible person that I did not take pictures of the food or remember the name of what I ate… I can just tell you about it. It was like a 2-eggs omelet over rice with bacon, corn, and a cheese sauce. It was really delicious.

After that we went to see the Osakajo, it’s a castle in Osaka. I took many pictures and you can see them in facebook, of course.

The link is here:

After that we went to a mall, and after a bit headed back home. On my way home I was looking around for where I wanted to eat dinner, and I made up my mind that I would have something that looked delicious and that was not something I would just take home and eat there. So I looked around, and there it was, right in front of my eyes all this time and I had not noticed it, a lovely sushi place.

The concept of this kind of sushi places is the following, you sit around a big table, and the chefs iare in the middle. They make any sushi they want and they put it on this moving platform that goes all around the table. If you see something you like, you pick the plate up. In each plate there are usually two pieces of sushi, and depending on the color of the plate is how much they cost. Blue was 100 yen (about $1), yellow was 240 yen, and silver was 320 yen. I was going to be a cheap bag and only eat a few, but then I decided I’d rather have a full sushi meal than eat part of it and then go buy something else cause I wasn’t full. I ended up getting completely full, including eating two of the most expensive sushi, and paid a total of 1600 yen (~$17) and considering that in Japan you usually don’t tip, this is the cheapest and most delicious sushi meal I’ve had at a restaurant, ever. Oh, I love Japan.

Also, more good news, I found out there’s an open wireless internet connection quite close to my apartment (near the back door) so I’ll using that when I need to post something quick, rather than go to the other place 15 mins away from here! I also found out that Skype for the iPhone lets me actually place calls for free to other skype members, and the same rates as if I were using a computer. The iPhone application is very well designed, I must say, so I’ll be using that to talk to my family when I can’t get online through MSN Messenger and use a webcam. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for today, there are many pictures online. See that there’s a picture of KFC, and I didn’t take a picture of McDonalds but I’ve seen like 3 of those too. KFC is open since like, 7am, which is kinda weird…

A few other things I’ve noticed in Osaka!
Older people also run bikes, all the time. And by older I mean, not just adults, but men and women that could be my grandparents!
In many areas cars traffic in the same streets as people and bikes do. I find it quite dangerous and interesting. Even in what seems like the interior of a shopping street, there are cars. I always think that there’s something approaching me from behind… and I’m usually right.
Japanese people seems to love coin machines (those casino-like ones), and arcades. There are many, many around here.






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  1. Katherine Avatar

    Omi, mami puede aun correr bicicleta y no es tan old!!! besos, ya te extranaba.

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