Monday was normal, until I saw cops!

Written: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I woke up and got to work a bit late (at 9:20am, the seminar started at 9:15am). It was okay, though, no big problem. After the seminar (in which three papers were presented) was our Monday lab cleanup. You can tell that people liked how I mopped last week cause when I showed up they were like “Can you mop?!” and I was like… sure!

So I went and mopped again, and randomly people would come and say “It’s very clean, very pretty.” I mopped with all the energy I had, and again thought about all the years of training I’ve had mopping. Master mopper you can call me, at least that’s how they think about me here I’m guessing.

Anyway, after mopping, etc, I went to check my cells and discovered that there was a huge contaminant in them. After crying for many many seconds, I looked at it under the microscope and then, since there was nothing that I could do to save the cells, I bleached it all and threw it away. There went my cells, I though. Now, do you remember how last week there were some cells that I thought I had killed? It so happens that I looked at them under the microscope and it seems like a few cells remained alive and after a week of incubating there were many more cells in the plate! I was so excited.

After my cell frustration and re-enlightenment I went on with my life and used the internet for a while. I was finally able to check facebook, post pictures, update this blog, etc. Then I made a few solutions for my experiment and put some cells in some media to incubate overnight. That was the summary of my day, pretty much.

At night I talked to “Señor Potto Sensei” (nicknamed by me, of course) and we went to dinner together. By going to dinner together I mean, we walked downstairs to the convenience store together and bough microwaveable dinner sets and ate it together in the seminar room. We had a total of 20 minutes to do this before Señor Potto Sensei had to go back to check on his experiment. So we had dinner and talked, and then I went, talked to Crazy-san and Masaya-san for a while, and headed back home. I took the train at 9:48pm, which is the earliest I’ve headed home in over a week! 🙂

I thought, mm… now I’ll go home and sleep, but I think there is a masochist part of me that always finds a way for me to stay up until late. So instead of just going to bed, when I got to the Juso Station I walked to the free internet spot I found and called my mom. After talking to her for almost an hour, then I called my grandmas (both of them) and talked to my granddad and an uncle. It was after midnight when I finished talking to all these people. I then headed home. Entering my apartment I saw two cops, and I was like, OH! I was so surprised I almost ran to see what was happening. Turns out, there was a Japanese girl and a white kid involved. The number of foreigners in Osaka probably accounts for less than .001% of the population, and somehow, when there are cops interfering on something, there is one involved. Oh well… represent!

So I went into my apartment and I could hear the cops talking, communicating through their radio device thing, and I could hear the Japanese girl talking and talking and talking. It was like she could not shut up. Then, after a while, the cops left and the girl and the white boy started arguing about something. I don’t know what it was, but I know they were talking in Japanese and the white guy had a peculiar accent, which was funny. What was not funny, however, was that I could not sleep and it was after 2am. I ended up shutting down the window and sliding door to my room and turning on the A/C. Then I slept like a baby.

That was the end of my day. Interesting, huh? Lovely…






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