Himeji Castle & The Last Samurai

Update: my friend Meru-san wrote an amazing entry about this past weekend, check it out: http://cmarketinjapan.blogspot.com/2009/07/thats-embarrassing-is-it-really.html

This weekend was fantastic, I had a blast and, as a result, today I’m totally sleepy at work. This is becoming a new trend, weeks are to rest from the weekend… I’m loving it.

Friday night I went home earlyish, and met with Meru-San and a few others for dinner that night. After dinner I went back home and at some point at around 12:30-1am I went to bed, just so I could wake up at 7:00am to meet up with Ben-san and Sharps-San at 7:35 am by the station and head over to Himeji! On the way there we met with Meru-San in Sannomiya Station, and then with Ashley-San in Himeji. We were now the fantastic 5, cause 4 were not enough.

Once at Himeji we went to the Himeji Castle, which, if you remember the Osaka Castle, this one was twice as awesome. The castle was big, as in big big, and it had something new to see every time you turned around. For some reason there were some big, open spaces that inspired me to kick. I just wanted to kick, and so I did. Unfortunately there were no TKDers with me to kick paddles, but that’s exactly what I felt like doing.

I kept going, my urge to kick restrained, and we then visited a garden, which was pretty pretty, and after that we went to the TEMPLE! The temple was majestic, I loved it, and it made me want to do some meditation. But when we saw that part of the temple we recognized from “The Last Samurai”, Meru-San and I just had to fight it out. 

Now that was epic. We had ice-cream before all this, so we couldn’t stay still.

After that we went to see the biggest suspension bridge in the world, then had dinner, and finally after that returned home.

Sunday I went to Osaka and met up with Meru-San, Naoki-San, and Koji-San!!! So awesome. We walked around Osaka, went to a few places (mall, arcade, okonomiyaki restaurant for lunch, parfait place for dessert), it was amazing!~

The arcade was so cool, Koji-San won on our Mario Kart race. The lunch was so delicious I’m still crying of happiness. And the parfaits, oh the parfaits. That was happiness inside ice-cream. You can ask Meru-San.

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  1. Javi :) Avatar


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    You look so happy and so great.

  3. koji Avatar

    I enjoyed last Sunday!!
    I hope we can get together again soon!!

  4. Meru Avatar

    YES. It was happiness.
    and I love your blogs.
    They're so funny. 🙂

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