Another week about to end!

Written: July 10, 2009

It’s Friday again! I’m surprised at how fast this week went by, mostly because I actually have not worked all that much. The thing is, Monday night I was really tired for some reason, and I slept a lot, but I woke up Tuesday morning not feeling well… I went to work and by 4pm I was on my way back home. I had fever & stomach issues (insert very sad smiley face here).

I spent all Tuesday afternoon cleansing my system, eating nothing but a bit of bread and rice, and drinking a whole lot of Pocari Sweat and some of THIS, which made me really feel better. Wednesday morning I just had a little fever, so my body wasn’t weak or hurting anymore, but I still had quite an upset stomach. My stomach was fierce. It was kind of sad… I spent all day at home just recovering.

Since all of Wednesday was spent at home browsing the internet and resting, it messed up my perception of the week. Thursday I went back to work and realized, “oh my god it’s THURSDAY!” The realization that the weekend was about to arrive hit me strong and I just got so psyched that the day flew by. Today is Friday and Meru-san is coming to Osaka to a conference/meeting, and then we are going to hang out! It’ll be fantastic. I’m looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I’m going to Himeji! I’m going to see fantastic things like Meru-san’s excited face seeing the Himeji Castle AND the Engyoji Temple~! (That’s the place where they filmed The Last Samurai!)

So that will be my Saturday, lots of hanging out with Meru-san so far, huh? Well, Sunday I will have some more Meru-san cause she is coming back to Osaka so we can explore the CITY. 😀 Did I mention that I love Meru-San? This weekend will be great, I’ll post tons of pictures of whatever I see and write a lengthy entry about it. 🙂

Now, something I haven’t mentioned about the Japanese. Here in Japan, a lot of mothers let their kids wander down the sidewalk out of their reach and don’t panic like mother’s would in America. This might be a reflection of the country being safer than, say, Boston. It gives me a warm feeling just to see kids walking down the sidewalk like they are big boys and suddenly stopping to look at a pretty bird on a tree. Kids are cute. 🙂

Another thing I’ve realized is that a lot of mothers take their kids to day cares on bikes. It’s awesome to walk to campus in the morning and see all these mothers arriving in front of the day care on their bikes and the kids sitting behind them in the child sit. These kids are not really all that ‘secured’ so to speak, I’m pretty sure that if the kid wanted he/she could set themselves free. I’m quite sure cause I saw a mother stop, put both legs down to balance the bike and say to her kid: “Okay, go!” and the kid just jumped out of her seat! I was like, WOOOO! That’s a kid, right there!

I feel like parents in Japan just put more trust on their kids, whereas parents in America are probably too pressured to not let anything happen to their kid that they end up guiding each one of their steps. I remember when I was growing up and my grandma was taking care of me… I would go out to the backyard and make a mess out of myself… but hey, I had fun! Then she would peak out and see me covered in mud and dirt and she would just yell “OMAR!!! Come here, now!” and then wash all the dirt down with the water-hose! If I didn’t have extra clothes that day at her place I would then borrow my cousin’s or just an over-sized shirt from one of my uncles and wear that. Then I would go to sleep like a cute baby. Those were good days. 🙂






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  1. Meru Avatar

    <3 <3 <3

    you are baller Omar-san *does funny hand gesture thing* !!!

    and seriously, you made my day today…. and yesterday… and Friday…and every other day that I've seen you!

    see you again next weekend 🙂

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