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Growth Mindset

…rich dad required his children to say, “How can I afford it?” His reasoning, the words “I can’t afford it” shut down your brain. It didn’t have to think anymore. “How can I afford it?” opened up the brain. Forced it to think and search for answers.

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Growth mindset: a growth mindset believes that you can put in effort to develop your capabilities, the opposite of a fixed mindset which believes that there’s little that you can do to improve your intelligence and skills. I believe in the growth mindset — I may not become the best at something, but if I put in effort I can get measurably better.

Be precise with words: I believe strongly that language shapes our perspective.

  • Switch “I can’t” with “I need to figure out how to”.
  • I don’t say “I am stupid” but rather “I did a stupid thing.”
  • Instead of saying “I can’t go to your birthday,” I choose the more honest “I won’t go to your birthday.” Can’t indicates that I don’t have power to make a different choice, when that’s seldom true.

Last Updated on January 22, 2023 by Omar Eduardo


5 responses to “Growth Mindset”

  1. Sudeep Avatar

    Hey , Very interesting article more interesting is the example in my reference .I have been to Starbucks and would like to be friend with one person who works but never dared to ask .. well this post inspires me to do itThanks a lot

  2. rainbowhill Avatar

    Hey Omar, beaut post. Asking the right questions can certainly help frame experience in a positive light. As soon as the mind imagines a way forward, there it is, beauty and possibility all rolled into one. Thanks for reminding me of this truth.

  3. Herbert Avatar

    I've read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, but I'm afraid to say that I didn't grasp it as well as you did; it's great to see you applying its principles towards other facets of life. And as for integration into my own life, I have found myself to go down a path of self-defeat sometimes. Good writing, and I always love a challenge.

  4. Nazim Avatar

    I think the Secret is brilliant. It’s important to focus on the outcome but at the same time remain focused on what Eckhart Tolle calls your life purpose – your current action.

  5. Rupal Avatar

    Good post, I completely agree with you. It sure is hard to do if you're not used to positive thinking due to old patterns but it can be done with practice. It must be done.

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