(dis)CONNECTED – a short film about technology and connection

Monday night, April 7, 2009, was the MIT finale of Campus Moviefest, an event in which I participated with the mini-film (dis)CONNECTED. We made this video over a weekend — we took a bunch of pictures, did about an hour of videotaping, and then spent days editing in our computers.

This film explores the paradox of technology in modern life – that it enables connectivity while fostering isolation.

The process involved a few key things:

  • Cropped hundreds of pictures that were taken in front of a green screen.
  • Created some animations.
  • Put it all together into a video.

It was an intensely busy way to spend a weekend, but it was also invigorating and we love having a final product out there in the world — a film reminding us to not miss what’s happening around us when lost in our digital lives.

Since our video is quite abstract, we weren’t sure how it was going to be reviewed by the judges. But, it did fairly well! We received two prices:

  • Best use of Mobile
  • Best Drama

We were also nominated for best picture (top 5 out of 47 submissions). Without further ado, here’s the video.


We are very happy with the reception of our work. Thanks to all who watched and supported it!

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  1. Jeffrey Tang Avatar

    It's a pretty surreal video, but definitely makes me think. I agree that, in some ways, all the communication technology available nowadays can also isolate us from each other if we're not careful.Your video reminds me a little bit of “augmented reality.”

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