Climate Change

I’m no climate change expert, but I’ve started to read up on the topic and considering what actions to take.


The Ministry for the Future – fiction, yet so effective at conveying the importance of climate change action and walking through potential solutions. Some of the ideas presented, which were very interesting to me, include:

  1. A ministry for the future: political institution acting on behalf of future generations.
  2. Carboni: reserve currency backed by the world’s major central banks to inventivize decarbonization. Companies and individuals are paid carboni if they prevent carbon emissions or remove carbon from the atmostphere.
  3. Geoengineering project to pump meltwater up to slow basal sliding.
  4. Carbon farming
  5. Sail-driven container ships for cargo
  6. Airships for personal transport
  7. Wildlife corridors: cool to learn that part of the 2021 infrastructure package was $350M for wildlife friendly infrastrucutre.

Switching to clean energy

In both California and NYC, I’ve had the option to pay slightly more for electricity and switch to clean energy sources.

CleanChoice Energy: 100% solar and wind energy for NYC. Back in California they would charge a premium fee per kWh consumption and match the energy use with renewable energy certificates.

Non-profit organizations

I read multiple articles and the research published by Giving Green and chose to donate to the following organizations in January 2023.

  1. Clean Air Task Force, Inc
  2. Evergreen Collaborative
  3. Good Energy Collective Incorporated
  4. Good Food Institute Inc
  5. Clear Fund

From what I read, the most impactful climate change donations from civilians are those that go to organizations shaping policy. Makes sense, government action can redirect a lot of funds, both from taxpayers but also corporations, which would be much more impactful than our direct donations.

Energy sources

Nuclear power should be a priority, you need it to be safe and cheap and the alternatives are not as powerful or good (e.g., Solar and Wind require too large an initial investment, long time to recoup the investment, and take significant land). (reference: Jordan Peterson & Matt Ridley: Rational Optimism)

Last Updated on February 5, 2023 by Omar Eduardo