Cherish Today

Today you can rush to work, or you could choose to stop on your way and observe the morning, truly observe and feel it. Feel the air moving and observe how it makes the leaves on the trees flicker.  Observe how little animals move around, blissfuly unaware that the world is going to end one day for them.

Today you could get lost in thought and start the day by thinking about all the things that must be done, your plans for next week and next month.  You could even go on to think about how you will finally have a great time when you can take a vacation in 3 months.  Or you could instead take your time to enjoy the present moment and realize that life is perfect right this moment.  You are alive and have all the potential in the world within you.  Just as anything and anyone else in the world, you are made up purely of energetic atoms vibrating restlessly, giving you the power to create, inspire and enjoy each moment of the day.

Today you could feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, or you could instead feel lucky and thankful that you have the potential to contribute.  That there are millions of people around and you can touch their hearts through your work or simply by offering a smile and showing that you care.

Today you can have the same cup of tea you had yesterday, finish it up and move on.  Or you could close your eyes and let yourself feel your body warming up as the tea moves down your body, embrace the experience and focus on all the feelings and sensation in your body. Find the innocent and inquisitive nature of the child within you and don’t let any part of the experience slip away.

Today you can simply get through your day just as if it were just another day, or you can choose to feel alive and cherish every experience, being thankful for each one of them.  It is you who decide whether today will be truly special.

Let yourself cherish every little miracle this day has to offer.  Who knows, it may make you happier than the alternative.

Last Updated on January 14, 2023 by Omar Eduardo


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