Startups won’t build your career on your behalf. You must.

Startups are sexy. Here in Silicon Valley, most people I meet either work for a startup or are thinking about starting one. Working for a startup is an alluring proposition for those seeking a challenge. Startups promise ownership, exciting work, and the opportunity to be part of the next big thing. If you’re considering aContinue reading “Startups won’t build your career on your behalf. You must.”

Why would a professional join a startup?

I originally answered this question in Quora. Expanding upon it here. I wrote about the case to quit consulting to join a startup, and my reasons haven’t changed. Key reasons to join a startup include: You want to build a startup. If you are thinking of building your own company in the future, there’s no betterContinue reading “Why would a professional join a startup?”

Why quit consulting to join a startup

I’m often asked about my decision 2 years ago to leave a great consulting career to join a startup. Here I explain my key considerations when making the decision, and why I think it was the right decision for me. The rationale follows many of the reasons Raj outlined in his post “Don’t Waste Your 20s at Google or McKinsey”. When I graduated collegeContinue reading “Why quit consulting to join a startup”