It’s your turn to be that "someone" who makes a difference

Longing for something causes no harm, but the inability to turn that desire into action harms many.  When you come up with something you most definitely want to pursue, you may be at a loss at first, it may seem impossible.  However, seek to understand what you need to achieve this goal.  Do you needContinue reading “It’s your turn to be that "someone" who makes a difference”

Most important steps to "Getting Things Done"

I read David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, and I’m glad I did.  There are many, many useful tips and a fantastic system to be learned out of that book.  Here I want to share with you the most important things I learned to boost productivity and make time for the things you want toContinue reading “Most important steps to "Getting Things Done"”

Killing habits that keep us from succeeding.

It is often easy to get inspired and excited about something new in our lives, but how long do we stay motivated?  Most people I have met are only happy and excited for as long as a novelty lasts, or until the first big challenge arrives.  However, if you aim to be successful in anyContinue reading “Killing habits that keep us from succeeding.”