Wishlist: Product Manager bootcamp manual chapters

A product manager does just about anything under the sun to make her product successful. This makes it difficult for new product managers to know what to focus on first. I often wished there was a bootcamp¬†manual on how to be a great PM. In particular, I’d love to read chapters on the following: PrioritizingContinue reading “Wishlist: Product Manager bootcamp manual chapters”

Developing skills to be a great Product Manager

Finding a consistent definition for what a Product Manager (PM) role entails is no easy feat, as I have quickly figured out while starting to dip my toes into the product management world. ¬†This is true even when try to narrow my scope to thinking about product management within tech companies in the San FranciscoContinue reading “Developing skills to be a great Product Manager”

Focusing on Product Management – how I am planning to develop my product management skills

Update 11/5/2019: I compiled a list of resources I found helpful while transitioning into Product Management. After 5 years working as a PM, those are the things I’d recommend. I have always found intrigue in the idea of writing posts for this blog, but the reality is that my focus has jumped around from topicContinue reading “Focusing on Product Management – how I am planning to develop my product management skills”