Developing courage to lead

I recently realized that I have a problem with leadership, and it is an emotional one. I have spent significant time studying leaders, reading about their lives, trying to understand what makes them leaders. Intellectually, I understood it. But emotionally I realized that I don’t believe in myself as a leader. Just talking about myselfContinue reading “Developing courage to lead”

How I have transitioned job functions

Recently, I’ve been advising students and recent graduates. A common consultation request I get is to discuss career transitions. When people look at my experience, they often wonder how certain work transitions were possible. I hope that my experience is helpful to folks looking to switch functions or industries. As such, I’ll let you knowContinue reading “How I have transitioned job functions”

New Year Reflections — Will you transform your life in this coming year?

New year, new beginnings – or so they say. “What will the new year bring?” we often ask. “Happy New Year!” we often exclaim. Are we taking the time to really celebrate and enjoy the holidays? Are we taking the time to reflect and take the proper steps to enjoy the new year? Each dayContinue reading “New Year Reflections — Will you transform your life in this coming year?”

Thoughts after being deferred by MIT Early Action

It was on early November that the waiting started for me. I had already sent my application to the best engineering college, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All my dreams were based on receiving an acceptance letter from that university; after all, I had been working for it since I was 12. I didn’t receiveContinue reading “Thoughts after being deferred by MIT Early Action”