Managing personal workload during the pandemic.

Normally, I thrive on getting things done. Whether at work on in my personal life, I feel accomplished by meeting my goals. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve struggled with feeling like I’m not making enough progress, I’m not “doing” enough. The pandemic has challenged how I balance time spent “being” vs. time spent “doing” things.Continue reading “Managing personal workload during the pandemic.”

Developing courage to lead

I recently realized that I have a problem with leadership, and it is an emotional one. I have spent significant time studying leaders, reading about their lives, trying to understand what makes them leaders. Intellectually, I understood it. But emotionally I realized that I don’t believe in myself as a leader. Just talking about myselfContinue reading “Developing courage to lead”

Business metrics vs. user value (why I quit Facebook)

I love data. A great dashboard with useful KPIs is beautiful and useful. If you haven’t yet, take the time to define and track success metrics for your product. It forces clarity and reflection of your goals. Use data to prove or disprove your hypotheses. Use data to calibrate your efforts and see whether you’reContinue reading “Business metrics vs. user value (why I quit Facebook)”

Lessons from 2010 and a few quotes to keep in mind

Last year, I wrote a rather lengthy post which I just re-read, and although I appreciate it very much because it brought alive some old memories with its prose, I will refrain from duplicating the effort by doing the same this year.  Instead, I want to take a few minutes to reflect upon some ofContinue reading “Lessons from 2010 and a few quotes to keep in mind”