Managing personal workload during the pandemic.

Normally, I thrive on getting things done. Whether at work on in my personal life, I feel accomplished by meeting my goals. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve struggled with feeling like I’m not making enough progress, I’m not “doing” enough. The pandemic has challenged how I balance time spent “being” vs. time spent “doing” things.Continue reading “Managing personal workload during the pandemic.”

Emailing? Mind emotions and identity.

To effectively communicate with others, you need to consider at least three aspects of communication. Content: What is it that you’re saying? Is it clear and well explained? Emotion: How do the people involved feel about the topic? Are they vested in the topic? Do they care? Identity: How do people think this message reflectsContinue reading “Emailing? Mind emotions and identity.”

How to Control Our Emotions: Observe, rather than react to, your thoughts.

Do we live life as we want, or do we let life throw us around?  When we face a situation we were not expecting, something we don’t particularly like, to what extent do we let it get to us? We often operate under the assumption that we can’t control our emotions.  We often hear thingsContinue reading “How to Control Our Emotions: Observe, rather than react to, your thoughts.”