The Transiency of Life — Why you should enjoy your life, now!

As I walked my way to the fireworks show at Osaka, Japan yesterday, I was impressed by the amount of people congregating to see the show.  I was with my friends over an hour before the fireworks were scheduled to start, and even then it was very crowded.  I though about just going to my […]

Apologize & Thank Profusely – Lesson I’ve learned in Japan

In the book, “How to Win Friends & Influence People“,  Dale Carnegie teaches a few concepts that we should keep in mind in order to have more fulfilling relationships.  I loved reading this book because it spells out all the things we already know that people don’t like, but it also goes a step further […]

Maid’s Café, Yaoi, Hanabi, & Prostitutes – Japan is lovely

This is a continuation to my previous blog entry. Having spent a bit of money on clothes, Meru-San and I decided to wear our new outfits in the afternoon.  We walked back to my apartment and that’s when I opened my bags and changed.  This was a whole experience on its own. The Japanese employees […]