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  • My “Culture Shock” returning from Japan

    A month ago, August 21st, I was scheduled to return to Boston.  The morning light started peaking through my window as I was finishing getting ready to leave.  I stayed up the night before to adjust to the difference in time zone between Japan and Boston (13 hours).  Once ready, I walked with my suitcase […]

  • My Japan Experience –

    Having arrived to America exactly one week ago, I feel quite settled now, but there is definitely a lot I have to say about my summer experience in Japan. My flight was scheduled to depart the Osaka Itami Airport at 8am Friday morning.  In preparation for this I started meeting with my friends to enjoy […]

  • Maid’s Café, Yaoi, Hanabi, & Prostitutes – Japan is lovely

    This is a continuation to my previous blog entry. Having spent a bit of money on clothes, Meru-San and I decided to wear our new outfits in the afternoon.  We walked back to my apartment and that’s when I opened my bags and changed.  This was a whole experience on its own. The Japanese employees […]

  • Lab Trip~

    Last week flew by, I barely had a chance to realize what day of the week it was when, suddenly, it was Saturday! Monday I was resting up from the weekend before (Himeji Trip and Osaka Visit with Meru-san et al.) I was so tired in lab that at some point I had to run […]

  • Himeji Castle & The Last Samurai

    Update: my friend Meru-san wrote an amazing entry about this past weekend, check it out: This weekend was fantastic, I had a blast and, as a result, today I’m totally sleepy at work. This is becoming a new trend, weeks are to rest from the weekend… I’m loving it. Friday night I went home earlyish, […]

  • Another week about to end!

    Written: July 10, 2009 It’s Friday again! I’m surprised at how fast this week went by, mostly because I actually have not worked all that much. The thing is, Monday night I was really tired for some reason, and I slept a lot, but I woke up Tuesday morning not feeling well… I went to […]

  • ‘Omaaru’, not ‘Omaru’

    Written: July 6, 2009 After writing my last post I returned home last Thursday, and basically just went to sleep. I went home a bit later than I was hoping, as usual, so I decided to get my schedule straightened out Friday. Friday I discussed what I had to do with my post-doc, and made […]

  • Meeting a Japanese CEO thanks to a language exchange partner

    Monday at around 11:30 a.m. I received an email from Kimura-taisho, the president of Webshark.   I replied right away because I was looking forward to meeting him that night. And how did I get to meet Kimura-Taisho, you may wonder? During the fall term last year I started attending the MIT Japanese Lunch Table. […]

  • Kyoto Trip, Best Weekend in a long long time~

    Written: June 28, 2009 5:50pm This weekend was the MISTI-Japan Kyoto trip in which all the Japan interns went together to explore the ‘old capital’. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had, ever. Not only we had a great tour, visiting many beautiful and impressive temples, the food was also delicious and I […]

  • Almost Kyoto Weekend!

    Written: June 25, 2009 5:40pm My week has been as exciting as it can be when you spend 12+ hours a day at work. I’ve done lots of research online during this time (on facebook, twitter, etc.) and have edited my essays for the HBS application maybe around 200 times. Actually, according to Open Office, […]