Business Operations

BizOps principles

  1. Connectivity: work on xfn, functions have expertise and bizops provides connective tissue. Requires patter recognition and flexibility.
  2. Objectivity: requires independent thinking and integrity.
  3. Clarity: gather information, filter the noise, and pull out what’s most important. Requires analytical rigor and presentation skills.
  4. Accountability: e.g., OKRs. Requires process orientation and a strong voice.

Functional focus

  1. Strategy & Planning (e.g., Mgmt Consultant / Investment Banker) – P&L understanding, performance management frameworks (e.g., OKRs), org structure and behavior.
  2. Data & Analytics (e.g., Data / Business Analyst): Time series analysis, correlation/regression analysis, data viz, dashboard creation, etc.
  3. Cross-functional execution (e.g., Program Manager / Operations): Project management, business reviews.

(reference: Operators Guild: A Guide to Business Operations)