Author: Omar Eduardo

  • Important Lessons I learned at MIT

    There are a few things I learned at MIT, inside and outside of the classroom, that serve me well and will hopefully continue to do so after graduation.   There’s usually more to a problem that can be initially appreciated This is a lesson I learned inside and out of the classroom.  The thought that […]

  • My “Culture Shock” returning from Japan

    A month ago, August 21st, I was scheduled to return to Boston.  The morning light started peaking through my window as I was finishing getting ready to leave.  I stayed up the night before to adjust to the difference in time zone between Japan and Boston (13 hours).  Once ready, I walked with my suitcase […]

  • My Japan Experience –

    Having arrived to America exactly one week ago, I feel quite settled now, but there is definitely a lot I have to say about my summer experience in Japan. My flight was scheduled to depart the Osaka Itami Airport at 8am Friday morning.  In preparation for this I started meeting with my friends to enjoy […]

  • Maid’s Café, Yaoi, Hanabi, & Prostitutes – Japan is lovely

    This is a continuation to my previous blog entry. Having spent a bit of money on clothes, Meru-San and I decided to wear our new outfits in the afternoon.  We walked back to my apartment and that’s when I opened my bags and changed.  This was a whole experience on its own. The Japanese employees […]

  • Lab Trip~

    Last week flew by, I barely had a chance to realize what day of the week it was when, suddenly, it was Saturday! Monday I was resting up from the weekend before (Himeji Trip and Osaka Visit with Meru-san et al.) I was so tired in lab that at some point I had to run […]

  • Himeji Castle & The Last Samurai

    Update: my friend Meru-san wrote an amazing entry about this past weekend, check it out: This weekend was fantastic, I had a blast and, as a result, today I’m totally sleepy at work. This is becoming a new trend, weeks are to rest from the weekend… I’m loving it. Friday night I went home earlyish, […]

  • Another week about to end!

    Written: July 10, 2009 It’s Friday again! I’m surprised at how fast this week went by, mostly because I actually have not worked all that much. The thing is, Monday night I was really tired for some reason, and I slept a lot, but I woke up Tuesday morning not feeling well… I went to […]

  • ‘Omaaru’, not ‘Omaru’

    Written: July 6, 2009 After writing my last post I returned home last Thursday, and basically just went to sleep. I went home a bit later than I was hoping, as usual, so I decided to get my schedule straightened out Friday. Friday I discussed what I had to do with my post-doc, and made […]

  • Meeting a Japanese CEO thanks to a language exchange partner

    Monday at around 11:30 a.m. I received an email from Kimura-taisho, the president of Webshark.   I replied right away because I was looking forward to meeting him that night. And how did I get to meet Kimura-Taisho, you may wonder? During the fall term last year I started attending the MIT Japanese Lunch Table. […]

  • Kyoto Trip, Best Weekend in a long long time~

    Written: June 28, 2009 5:50pm This weekend was the MISTI-Japan Kyoto trip in which all the Japan interns went together to explore the ‘old capital’. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had, ever. Not only we had a great tour, visiting many beautiful and impressive temples, the food was also delicious and I […]