Google Product Management Interview process and preparation

I get this question often. What’s the Google PM interview process? How should I prepare? First, it is a lengthy process. Below I distilled everything that I learned about the process before becoming an employee or going through the process myself. If you’re only looking for information on how to prepare for the interviews (steps 3Continue reading “Google Product Management Interview process and preparation”

Resources when transitioning into Product Management

A reader was curious as to what resources I found most helpful while transitioning into Product Management from a non-technical background [1]. Below is a list of things that I have found both helpful and rewarding, which are mostly about Product Management related topics. Most of the online resources are free. I’ll update this withContinue reading “Resources when transitioning into Product Management”

My transition into Product Management from consulting and customer success.

It will soon be 3 years since I transitioned into Product Management full-time. Prior to that, here is what my résumé included. Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering Healthcare Consulting (3 years) Customer Success Management (1 year) I then transitioned into Enterprise Software Product Management at BloomReach, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. It was particularly important to meContinue reading “My transition into Product Management from consulting and customer success.”

To do your best work, stop fragmenting your attention.

Last year, I was introduced to Slack, the new way to communicate among teams. If you’ve never heard of Slack, in essence, it’s chat rooms that anyone in your company can join. But instead of calling them chat rooms, Slack calls them channels. I hated it. And not because I disliked the app, it’s actuallyContinue reading “To do your best work, stop fragmenting your attention.”