And then again, it’s time for another taekwondo tournament

Tomorrow Sunday, I’ll be leaving MIT at 4am with the rest of my Taekwondo teammates to compete at the third INCTL tournament of the year. This will take place at the New York University (NYU) starting at ~10am and probably finishing late at ~8-9pm. The tournament is going to be the largest tournament of theContinue reading “And then again, it’s time for another taekwondo tournament”

Thoughts after being deferred by MIT Early Action

It was on early November that the waiting started for me. I had already sent my application to the best engineering college, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. All my dreams were based on receiving an acceptance letter from that university; after all, I had been working for it since I was 12. I didn’t receiveContinue reading “Thoughts after being deferred by MIT Early Action”