Emailing? Mind emotions and identity.

To effectively communicate with others, you need to consider at least three aspects of communication. Content: What is it that you’re saying? Is it clear and well explained? Emotion: How do the people involved feel about the topic? Are they vested in the topic? Do they care? Identity: How do people think this message reflectsContinue reading “Emailing? Mind emotions and identity.”

How to prepare for your Google Product Management (PM) interview

I wrote earlier about the Google PM Interview Process & Preparation. That article, although lengthy, was focused on the overall interview and recruiting process. This article is going to be much more targeted on the preparation aspect for the interviews. Although I focus on the Google PM interview, I hope this is also helpful forContinue reading “How to prepare for your Google Product Management (PM) interview”

How I have transitioned job functions

Recently, I’ve been advising students and recent graduates. A common consultation request I get is to discuss career transitions. When people look at my experience, they often wonder how certain work transitions were possible. I hope that my experience is helpful to folks looking to switch functions or industries. As such, I’ll let you knowContinue reading “How I have transitioned job functions”

Storytelling is your PM superpower

I was recently reflecting on the following quote Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. Howard Thurman The first thing that came to my mind was, languages. I’ve had some of theContinue reading “Storytelling is your PM superpower”

How to ramp up as a Product Manager. Gain context before you try to change things.

I always remember a song I heard as a child by Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona. It said (with a profanity substituted) “aquí no es bueno el que ayuda, sino el que no [molesta], acuérdese.” This translates to “here the good are not those who help, but those who don’t [bother], remember that.” Having recently completedContinue reading “How to ramp up as a Product Manager. Gain context before you try to change things.”