How to prepare for your Google Product Management (PM) interview

I wrote earlier about the Google PM Interview Process & Preparation. That article, although lengthy, was focused on the overall interview and recruiting process. This article is going to be much more targeted on the preparation aspect for the interviews. Although I focus on the Google PM interview, I hope this is also helpful for […]

How I have transitioned job functions

Recently, I’ve been advising students and recent graduates. A common consultation request I get is to discuss career transitions. When people look at my experience, they often wonder how certain work transitions were possible. I hope that my experience is helpful to folks looking to switch functions or industries. As such, I’ll let you know […]

How to ramp up as a Product Manager. Gain context before you try to change things.

I always remember a song I heard as a child by Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona. It said (with a profanity substituted) “aquí no es bueno el que ayuda, sino el que no [molesta], acuérdese.” This translates to “here the good are not those who help, but those who don’t [bother], remember that.” Having recently completed […]

Google Product Management Interview process and preparation

I get this question often. What’s the Google PM interview process? How should I prepare? First, it is a lengthy process. Below I distilled everything that I learned about the process before becoming an employee or going through the process myself. If you’re only looking for information on how to prepare for the interviews (steps 3 […]