How to write a Product Requirements Document (PRD)

The usefulness of Product Requirements Document (PRD) is often debated. With the rise of Agile development practices, many argued that PRDs were a relic of the past and that people shouldn’t waste their time with it. In practice, however, I’ve seen clear benefits from well-written and maintained PRDs in every team I’ve worked, all ofContinue reading “How to write a Product Requirements Document (PRD)”

Developing courage to lead

I recently realized that I have a problem with leadership, and it is an emotional one. I have spent significant time studying leaders, reading about their lives, trying to understand what makes them leaders. Intellectually, I understood it. But emotionally I realized that I don’t believe in myself as a leader. Just talking about myselfContinue reading “Developing courage to lead”

Dealing with ambiguity and work-related stress

I recently wrote what would become one of my most read articles to date, it was my answer on Quora to the question How stressful is it to be a product manager at a tech company? This is not unique to product management. Increasingly, our responsibilities as workers in the information age have become more ambiguous.Continue reading “Dealing with ambiguity and work-related stress”

Business metrics vs. user value (why I quit Facebook)

I love data. A great dashboard with useful KPIs is beautiful and useful. If you haven’t yet, take the time to define and track success metrics for your product. It forces clarity and reflection of your goals. Use data to prove or disprove your hypotheses. Use data to calibrate your efforts and see whether you’reContinue reading “Business metrics vs. user value (why I quit Facebook)”

Emailing? Mind emotions and identity.

To effectively communicate with others, you need to consider at least three aspects of communication. Content: What is it that you’re saying? Is it clear and well explained? Emotion: How do the people involved feel about the topic? Are they vested in the topic? Do they care? Identity: How do people think this message reflectsContinue reading “Emailing? Mind emotions and identity.”