Focusing on Product Management – how I am planning to develop my product management skills

I have always found intrigue in the idea of writing posts for this blog, but the reality is that my focus has jumped around from topic to topic, making the site frustrating to follow.  The main reason this has been the case is a lack of a topic of which I would like to extensively write about and continue to learn and share things.

I decided to bring some focus to the blog around the topic of Product Management.  I think it is a intriguing and interesting topic and I recently started more strongly focusing my career on Product Management, at least for the next few years, and there is a ton for me to learn as someone who does not have a computer science background.  I am sure it will be an intriguing ride and I will use this blog to write about my learnings as well as to engage other interested folks in conversation.

To start, I am doing a few things to learn more about product management (in addition of learning from the Product Management team at BloomReach.)

I am looking to learn about topics that I am not familiar with given my lack of a Computer Science background.  I know that by not having studied Computer Science in college I am at a big disadvantage in knowing about the technologies powering current products and what is possible, but I am confident that doing my due diligence, continuously learning and immersing myself into relevant topics I can work my way through.
If you have any recommendations, I am all ears.  I know there are many talented Product Managers out there and I would love to make the most from your learnings.

One thought on “Focusing on Product Management – how I am planning to develop my product management skills

  1. […] Learn, learn and learn. All of these adjacent transitions were enabled by doing a ton of learning. I personally read up a ton about our products and the technologies that we used. A popular option in Silicon Valley is to build your own website or app. You can partner with someone who’s more technically or business savvy, depending on your skillset, and build a simple app or web browser plug-in. The process of figuring out what to build, what features to prioritize, how to build it, etc. will start giving you an idea of the product management process. You can also read other books or online sources. Here are a few I used. […]


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