Food for Health, Being Conscious of What I Eat.

For the past few days I have been reading lots of information, and watching videos online, about the Raw Food Diet and its benefits.  I have been intrigued by the subject of healthy eating for a little while, but always give up when it comes to having a defined diet because I find it difficult to keep track of everything.  Usually I am bombarded with questions like, how many calories do you ingest?  Are there enough proteins?  What about fat, sugar, etc?

I’ve tried counting calories, not because I want to lose weight but rather because I don’t want to overeat.  I find that to be difficult to keep on a daily basis.  How do I know how many calories are in that apple I ate?  How much sugar is there in the orange?  Questions keep popping on my head every 5 minutes.

All this being said, I saw some very interesting interviews with Raw Foodists, particularly an interview with Restaurant Owner Karyn from Chicago.  If you go to her YouTube channel you can watch it, it’s among her ‘favorites’ list to the right.

She’s 62 years old, and full of energy.  Hasn’t been sick for many years (longer than I’ve been alive) and has so much energy that she has had to train herself to sleep more  since she used to sleep only 3-4 hours after she moved on to eating raw foods because she has so much more energy in her body.  She runs a business (restaurant, studio, etc.) and teaches many people to detox their body and move on with a healthier life.

Saw, what is this whole Raw Food Diet all about?

The premise behind the Raw Food Diet is simple, when you heat living things above 118˚F most of them lose their enzyme activity.  If you haven’t studied this, enzymes are found in living organism and help them process things faster and using less energy.  Thus, if you eat raw food, your body will be full of enzymes that will help you digest food and not make you tired.  You will then have much more energy to keep yourself running during the day, and will use this same energy to keep your body healthy and prevent you from getting sick!  Your body will be able to do what it’s designed to do, heal itself and restore its cells to optimum health, which will leave you feeling healthier and younger.

A great reason why people do raw diets is because you get rid of lots of toxins.  According to many raw foodists a lot of sickness they and their family had was cured after they became raw foodists.  Eating the right things gave their body the fuel needed to battle the sickness that were normally considered part of the aging process, or even sicknesses they had carried for years.  A mother with arrhythmia, her husband with a bad case of arthritis at age 38, and their daughter with asthma all switched their diets to raw food in a desperate attempt to improve their quality of life.  Today, they are all disease free.

Weight loss is another aspect of the raw food diet.  When your body cleanses its cells through its natural processes, it gets rid of all that extra fat and weight that is making you feel dense and clumsy.

We pay so much attention to how we look, how we portray ourselves, yet we seem to pay little attention to what we put INTO our bodies.  I’m not saying that a raw food diet is for everyone, but I am willing to start making more of my meals raw food meals.  I found a great website, The Best of Raw Food, that has many recipes that are easy to make and delicious, all with raw food.

Raw Food is not painful to eat!

Raw foodists eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and some of them eat raw fish (sashimi) and they eat these things in abundance, they eat all the avocados they feel like!  Some of them have been very creative and have been able to make very interesting a delicious dishes, easily.  If you are interested in the diet, just google ‘raw food recipes‘ and you’ll find a wide variety of delicious dishes that instead of making you feel bad or tired after eating them, will make you glow!

Published by Omar Eduardo

Passionate about building great products; Product Manager @ Google; ex-consultant @ Accenture; MIT chemical engineering graduate

2 thoughts on “Food for Health, Being Conscious of What I Eat.

  1. i'm kinda skeptical of the enzyme argument, as most enzymes would probably be broken down in the stomach before they made a significant impact on your body.not that you shouldn't go for the raw food diet. i've read good things about it and similar diets. personally, i think avoiding processed food/the products of the meat industry is sufficient to stay healthy, but i'm rather fond of cooked food, and it would take a lot to convince me to give it up.


  2. I thought the same, but I read something similar to this argument: (from”HDN: When people get enzymes from food, aren't they destroyed by stomach acid and therefore of little or no value?HOWELL: This is not true. Although most nutntionists claim that enzymes in food are destroyed in the stomach, they overlook two important facts.First of all, when you eat food, acid secretion is minimal for at least thirty minutes. As the food goes down the esophagus, it drops into the top portion of the stomach. This is called the cardiac section, since it's closer to the heart.The rest of the stomach remains flat and closed while the cardiac section opens up to accommodate the food. During the iime the food sits in the upper section, little acid or enzymes are secreted by the body. The enzymes in the food itself go about digesting the food. The more of this self-digestion that occurs, the less work the body has to do later.When this 30 to 45 minute period is over, the bottom section of the stomach opens up and the body starts secreting acid and enzymes. Even at this point, the food enzymes are not inactivated until the acid level becomes prohibitive. You see, food enzymes can tolerate chemical environments many times more acid than neutral.”Don't get me wrong, I have always been a food junkie, and love to eat many different kind of foods, so it is a struggle to think of a diet that is so limiting. I went to Dim Sum yesterday for Chinese New Year… so I have definitely not given up cooked food. At the same time, however, I'm intrigued by the health benefits, and I'm willing to slowly, as I've been doing, replace meals with raw food meals. My breakfast and dinner yesterday, and my meals the two days before were almost completely raw food. Not sure about the dressing my salad had on Friday, since I didn't ask… 😦


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