Three characteristics you need to become a millionaire or obtain anywealth you desire

When you are complaining, you become a living, breathing “crap magnet.”
T. Harv Eker

The average person in this world has all they need in order to be very successful in life, they just limit themselves.  There’s no reason why we can’t be financially liberated and independent and simultaneously have good relationships and be spiritually wealthy.  We should be able to, after some focused work, escape a 9-5 job and live comfortably with no financial worries and some good income streams.  Of course, I think a 9-5 job is good, and even necessary, for many people, but does not have to be the only destination for you.  Although I signed a contract to start a 9-5 type of job in a couple of months, I think that it’s important for everyone to know that we do have OPTIONS.

No matter where you look, everyone who has taken time and observed those who have achieve great wealth, even when starting with little or nada, had a few common characteristics that were KEY for this to be possible.  All the books I’ve come across about wealth and success have at one point or the other mentioned a very recurring subject — Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill), Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), The One Minute Millionaire (Robert Allen), and not money oriented ones such as Getting Things Done (David Allen), The Secret (Rhonda Byrne) and A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle) .  What you can notice is that there are a few KEY things that will set the successful apart from those who fail.

Here are 3 —

  1. Defined Purpose
  2. Positive Attitude & Resiliance
  3. Giving


I. Defined Purpose

You must define what you truly want to, and will, achieve.  Everything is within your reach, if you focus on it.  It is easy to bounce around ideas of things that ‘would be nice to obtain,’ but what I’m talking about here is to TRULY DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT.  Grab a piece of paper and write on it your idea of success, and don’t ignore any important things when doing this.  Then, realize that all this you can have, if you truly believe you deserve it and will get it.

It all boils down to this, if you truly know what you want and believe you have it, you’ll see it materialize.  This truth has been taught by many successful people, and was taught by Jesus himself when he said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”  This is not an obscure philosophy, but one that has been around for thousands of years.

Why can’t you go ahead and fully believe it?  Most people would rather dream small and not get disappointed than dream big and face a few challenges to get there.  This brings me to my next point.

II. Positive Attitude & Resiliance

If you are going through life seeing the cup half-empty, your next cup will look even emptier.  My glass is not half-empty, it’s not even half-full, it’s overflowing.  Keeping a positive attitude has a gazillion benefits, but one of the most important ones is that it will allow you to enjoy your life, NOW!  I feel extremely fortunate to have realized this rather early, there is more to life than what people tend to see.  We all go through our lives and tend to worry because of small, insignificant things.  It’s difficult for people in general to take a step back and realize that, within the big scheme of things, we are doing amazingly well!  Remind yourself of all the things you do have, not what you’re lacking, and life will be much more fruitful for you.  Say “Thank You” for your life, and truly feel grateful, and you will get more out of it.

You’d be amazed by the number of people that I meet who are MIT students and feel that their life is the worst, and can’t stop complaining about things.  I am talking about people who have access to education from one of the top universities in the world, people who were given an opportunity to study here when the admission rate is only ~12%, and they still feel that way.  Ridiculous, huh?  It seems that the human race has been plagued with a disease that doesn’t allow us to take a step back and truly feel grateful for all that we have in life.

We need to be resilient and keep a positive attitude.  More than 90% of the population won’t do that, they will be positive for a few minutes after reading a nice article and then they allow their doubt to creep in.  If you want your life to be better,  you must do something different.  This is your chance, keep a positive attitude.

In the end, a positive attitude will always bring people to your life with a similar vibe.  We attract each other based on how we feel.  So allow yourself to laugh and smile genuinely, you will attract positive people to your life and with them better health and happiness.

III. Giving

The effects of giving go beyond measures.  Hopefully we’ve all seen it or experienced it first hand at some point.  If you want people to be friendlier to you, start by thinking that people ALREADY are nicer and friendlier, and treat them as such.  Treat everyone like this and you will then experience the benefits.

This same concept  applies to any other thing you may want.  Don’t frown and keep a stern look while you wait to receive it, go ahead and give it as if you already had received it.  If you keep telling yourself you “can’t afford this” or that, you never will.  I’m not saying that you should go ahead and make irresponsible decisions, but don’t keep focusing on the lack of something, rather focus your thoughts on all the great things you have and life will be better.

Remember, always ask “How can I obtain this?” rather than saying “I wish I could obtain that” or even worse “I can’t afford that.”

One thing to note here, though.  Sometimes we wish for the wrong thing.  If you want love, imagine your life full of love, but don’t ask for a specific person to love you.  Let everyone decide for themselves who to love and enjoy life with, you should just focus on your own health and love, and go forward with that.

Published by Omar Eduardo

Passionate about building great products; Product Manager @ Google; ex-consultant @ Accenture; MIT chemical engineering graduate

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