Finishing Another Chapter

It’s finally the ‘dead week’, that time of the year in which MIT classes are concluding and we are finally realizing that yes, school will be over sooner than you think.  This week is all about finishing up lectures and preparing for finals which will take place next week.  With three finals coming my way, it’ll be a great week/weekend.  But with that, I’ll be concluding my junior year at MIT, something that 4 years ago I couldn’t even picture.  What am I talking about, even last term I couldn’t picture this moment.  Life is full of changes and surprises and the decisions I’ve made over the past year are quite exciting and have pointed my life in a new direction, one that gives me a sense of hope about my future career and goals.  The main decision being deciding to merge my undergraduate education in chemical & biologial engineering with a business career in the near future.  Several factors influenced my decisions, all of which I might have expressed before here.

As I mentioned before, I am currently in the process of applying for admission to Harvard Business School’s 2+2 program.  For this reason, I’m registered to take the GMAT exactly one week after my last MIT final, and exactly three days before I depart to Japan for my summer internship.  So far the GMAT seems like a fairly straightforward exam, and I feel it’s one of those that you should just get very familiar with ahead of time, and then get a fair amount of sleep before taking it.  We’ll see, I’ll keep doing some more practice and hope for the best.  Overall, I think the process of applying to this HBS program has been more about self-discovery, it really makes me think thoroughly about what I want to do, and why.

That being said, I’ll be submitting my application by July 1st, which is the deadline, but I’m actually aiming to finish most of it before I leave to Japan.  Wish me luck!

And on that last note, I’ll be blogging while in Japan.  Just for general information, I’ll be doing research in Osaka University, but living in the heart of Osaka, which will give me a good 40 minutes commute on the train to think about life and write down some thoughts for myself and to share with you all, and will allow me to explore the city in the afternoons/nights.  I recently got a new digital camera to take pictures/videos while in Japan. 🙂


Published by Omar Eduardo

Passionate about building great products; Product Manager @ Google; ex-consultant @ Accenture; MIT chemical engineering graduate

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