Confessing my sins – Online Shopping is dangerous

This is a translation of the e-mail I wrote to my mother after spending over $800 online on things for my room:


I spent a lot of money, but don’t worry cause I should have enough left to pay you the tickets (speeding tickets, etc) and save up some when I receive my money. =D
Here’s a list of what I bought.

3 tatami mats
1 of these – 4′ by 2′
1 scroll – 2′ by ~6′
1 black lamp

1 comforter set, very nice, chocolate color
1 set of bed sheets – Ivory
1 set of pillows

For Bella [my cat]:
1 scratch-post, expensive [she better love it]
1 de-shedding-brush [so I don’t have to clean as much]

That’s all I bought — now I won’t eat for a month, haha.


So that’s how I managed to spend a lot of money, before even getting it. I’m pretty happy with everything I’ve received so far though, and I’m excited for the things I’ll be getting next week. The bed sheets, the pillows, and the art, is all great. I’m in love.


12 thoughts on “Confessing my sins – Online Shopping is dangerous

  1. Shopping online makes you addicted of course when you saw a nice products you'll bought it. But I haven't spend that big. Buying online is safe, and will avoid buying in a crowded place that's the benefits I love about it.


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  3. it is always AT RISK to shop online, mainly because you're not seeing the item and they might send you a different item. however, not exactly dangerous – not unless if you're giving away your card number.


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