Productivity & Healthier Eating

As part of my reflection time during this winter break, I’ve decided to rethink my eating habits and think about ways to be more productive. Here is a list of the things I decided to do:

1) Create a new way to track how I actually spend my time. [Focus on one task at a time]
2) Be strict about setting times to work on specific tasks, and follow them.
3) Sleep 12-6 7am and add a 30-45 mins nap in the afternoons (~3pm)
4) Plan out my meals for the week and cook more!

For my 1st point here is what I’m doing. I currently have a few Google Calendars that I use to track different things. I have one for birthdays, one for ‘homeworks and assignments’, one for classes and appointments, and one to track all of my professors/ta’s office hours.

I renamed the ‘classes and appointments’ calendar to ‘scheduled activities’ (i.e. things that are set in stone when they have to be done.)  The ‘homeworks and assignments’ calendar is now named ‘to-do’, and there’s a newly created calendar named ‘completed’ to which things will be moved as they are done. The biggest change I made was creating a new calendar that is called ‘Time Tracking’ which I’ll use to log exactly what I do during the day. This calendar I will use to look back into the week and see how many hours I spent working, playing, socializing, etc. To make this reliable and informative I’ll do my best to focus on ONE thing at a time and avoid distractions as much as possible. It’ll help that I’ll schedule time for checking e-mails, Facebook, using GChat and AIM, etc.

For point number two, I’ll use a calendar named ‘Daily Schedule’ to plan out my time for the next day, hour-by-hour including travel time. This sounds scary, but I’ll leave some room for flexibility as long as there aren’t too many things to get done that day.

Point number three is pretty self-explanatory, I want to try out a new sleeping schedule that includes a nap in the afternoons and see how that works for me. The lenght of the nap I can extend to 90 mins if 12-6am + 45mins doesn’t work.

For my last point I want to share with you this site: [after much more investigation I decided to use instead to plan my meals.]
I started using it not long ago and I plan to use it to  find good, healthy recipes and use these to prepare my grocery shopping list. This I’ll start testing out once I’m back in Boston. The site is very useful and I hope it helps me get on track cooking and eating healthier!


Published by Omar Eduardo

Passionate about building great products; Product Manager @ Google; ex-consultant @ Accenture; MIT chemical engineering graduate

2 thoughts on “Productivity & Healthier Eating

  1. you are uber organized. omg you're going to start tracking your minutes….that's kind of intense. but i guess i do that too. i used to track my calories when i cut weight, and i track my gas mileage and the prices of every bottle of liquor i buy. of course none of this is to improve my productivity =Ppoint 4: are you not going to eat porkchops and rice anymore? =/ but maybe that is a good thing.


  2. haha, nice bobby. i probably will track other things like that as well, i love having data/statistics to analyze… and yes, i will seriously limit my intake of pork chops and rice… wish me luck! haha.


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