It was all worth it

Monday night was the MIT finale of Campus Moviefest, event in which I participated with the video (dis)CONNECTED. This video was made over a weekend, and pretty much involved taking a whole bunch of photographs, and an hour or so of videotaping. The painful part was, of course, the editing, in which we* spent literally days in front of our computers.

I cropped hundreds of pictures that were taken in front of a green screen, while Jenny worked on the animations. René put most of the video together to create the final product. It was a pretty exciting (and intense) weekend; I stayed the whole weekend over at Rene’s place working on the video.

Now, back to the MIT finale. The way the finale works is that no one knows who’s going to win (so that everyone shows up). First they present the top 16 movies in no particular order (there were 47 submissions). Since our video is so… abstract in a sense, we weren’t sure how it was going to be reviewed by the judges. But, we were excited to see (dis)CONNECTED among the top 16!

After presenting the top 16 videos (all 5 minutes or shorter) there were some highlights of the other 31 movies and then the winners were announced.

AT&T picks to showcase in their mobile video platform:
Ultimate Origami Challenge and I think the other one was Lost and Found.

Best use of Mobile (Winner gets $100 AT&T gift cards for each member of the team)
(dis)CONNECTED !!! 🙂

Best Comedy (Winner gets an iPod Shuffle for each member of the team):
Miss Resiel’s Students ! (a movie made by a group of Puerto Rican students) 🙂

Best Drama (Same prize as Best Comedy):
(dis)CONNECTED !!! 🙂

Nominees for Best Picture:
Miss Resiel’s Students
Lost and Found
Ultimate Origami Challenge
The Love of Lint

Winner of Best Picture:
Lost and Found (a very nice and professional video, you should check it out at

So there you go! (dis)CONNECTED got two nice prizes and a nomination for best picture! We were very happy with the results since not many people like that kind of film. We loved it all the way though. 🙂

Thanks to all of you who watched the video.


*”we” refers to myself, and the two other people who were there making the video at all times, René and Jenny.

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Passionate about building great products; Product Manager @ Google; ex-consultant @ Accenture; MIT chemical engineering graduate

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