And then again, it’s time for another taekwondo tournament

Tomorrow Sunday, I’ll be leaving MIT at 4am with the rest of my Taekwondo teammates to compete at the third INCTL tournament of the year. This will take place at the New York University (NYU) starting at ~10am and probably finishing late at ~8-9pm. The tournament is going to be the largest tournament of the INCTL to date with over 370 competitors! To see a list of schools that compete in the INCTL just go to the website and look around for information.

I’m quite excited/nervous about this tournament, as usual. I really hope I do well tomorrow and I hope that my teammates push it out as well. The tournament means a lot to us, and for us it’s not only about winning or losing, it’s about how we perform, how we give it all in our forms and in the ring in each one of our matches. Each one of us is competing for ourselves, trying to do our best in each challenge that we face during the day. But the great thing is that we’re also cheering and competing for a common goal, to win as a team.

When I go out in the ring tomorrow, I’m going to give it my best, because I know that when I walk out of that ring, no matter what the score was at the end, no matter who won or who lost, I’ll have the reassurance for the rest of my life that I gave it the best I had, that I didn’t give up. It will be hard, I’ll be sparring heavy weight (even though I’m a middle weight), but that’s something I’ve done before with no horrible consequences. I’ve learned a lot from the experiences I’ve had, and I hope that tomorrow I can show improvement as a taekwondo student.

I’m going to stop writing now, my last week was extremely busy and I survived, but now it’s time to get some studying done.


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