December 2016 in Chefchaouen. Photo by Wenchao Wang.


My name is Omar Eduardo Fernández, welcome to my blog. Since 2017, I’ve worked as a Product Manager at Google, despite not studying computer science nor having a business degree.

Since very young, I’ve been fascinated by technology. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, my parents cared about education but couldn’t afford private school. Thus, I attended public school up until college. Fortunately, for high school, I enrolled in a public boarding school specialized in math and science, CROEM. In 2006, against all the odds, I gained admission to MIT with full financial aid.

After studying chemical engineering at MIT, I spent three years in consulting, a year in customer success at a startup, and since 2014 started working as a product manager. I love the challenge of product management both at a startup and at Google.

I write to clarify my thinking about topics of interest. I share my writing, hoping you’ll find it useful. If you do, subscribe to this blog’s mailing list, so that you can read new content directly from your email.

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