About me

I have worked in Product Management since 2014, most recently at GitLab and Google, yet I didn’t study business nor computer science.

Since very young, I’ve been fascinated by technology. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, my parents cared about education but couldn’t afford private school. I attended public school up until college. Fortunately, I enrolled in a public boarding school specialized in math and science for high school, CROEM. In 2006, I went to MIT with full financial aid thanks to their full-need financial aid.

After studying chemical-biological engineering at MIT, I spent three years in systems integration consulting at Accenture followed by a year in customer success at Bloomreach. It was then that I transitioned into Product Management.

You can read more about my working and management style in my GitLab README.

I write to clarify my thinking about topics of interest. I share my writing, hoping you’ll find it useful. If you do, let me know!

You can also find me on Quora and LinkedIn.


Each of these pages focuses on a topic or question of interest to me. I keep these updated as I have new thoughts or information on the topic.

Product Management

I’ve worked in product management since 2014, so a lot of my writing for a while has focused specifically on product management.

Work and Career

Other work-related pages not included in the product management section above.

Personal Philosophy and Well-Being



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